Elly Glasius

Half a century ago the Elly Glasius sailed back and forth between Amsterdam and the Marken. Now the passenger ship is fully refurbished.

• Large outside deck of 80 square meters
• Very luxurious interior
• Lovely spacious seating
• Luxury bar
• Wifi
• Beamer + screen
• Central heating
• Air conditioner
• Sprinkler installation
• Sound system
• 80 seats inside
• Free App

Technical information
Length: 24.85 m
Width: 5.5 m
Hight: 7.5 m

Zaanferry 1 & 2

These two tour boats have been newly built for the ferry service. From Zaandam to Wormerveer these electric boats go back and forth ten times a day on Tueseday till Sunday.

• 64 seats
• Toilet
• Large sliding roof
• Open cockpit behind
• Wifi
• Free App

Technical information
Length: 13.99 m
Width: 3.75 m
Hight: 1.8 m

Bikes are allowed on board, only at your own risk. We can not be held responsible for any damage that is incurred. Additionally, electric bikes are not allowed.

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